Lube 101

Why are there so many choices? Shouldn’t I just grab a bottle, slather it on, and stick it in? Ummm… please don’t. First of all PUT DOWN the KY! The average woman doesn’t want to be reminded of going to the gyno for their yearly exam when it’s sexy time. Below is an easy-to-follow breakdown of the top three categories.


There are a ton of options in this category, so let’s help you break it down. You can either go the more natural route or the generic “I bought it at the grocery store” route. Both may get the job done, however one may be a stickier journey. Natural lubricants will have water as the main ingredient, often plant cellulose to produce a slippery sensation, and a minimal number of (pronounceable) ingredients. Natural options are typically paraben free (because if we don’t want them in our sunscreen, why would we want them in our lube!?). Plant cellulose replaces the need for any glycerin, glycol and worst of all propylene glycol, (Eww… it‘s also found in antifreeze.) Plant cellulose is a natural way of keeping things gliding smoothly through the night. The products you will find at the grocery store are likely to contain ingredients that may cause stickiness, irritation, or yeast infections.


Using silicone, you can slip and slide all night long with a fairly small amount of product (which is nice, because you will find it to be slightly more expensive than your average water-based, but you can use less, so it’s probably a wash in the long run). The slippery consistency is going to be similar to the feel of an oil without the worry of clogged pores, yeast infections, or breaking down a condom. Silicone is highly recommended for back door play, water fun, and sensual massages because of its resistance to water and its oil like consistency. Keep in mind it should be washed off with soap & water and can degrade toys made of certain materials.

Silicone Hybrid

Now for my favorite category… the hybrids! In my opinion, hybrids strike a great balance between water-based and silicone lubes, providing and odorless and tasteless experience with a smooth texture. Many hybrids still use natural ingredients, with a touch of silicone prolonging the slipperiness (and without leaving you feeling like you need to shower after). Silicone hybrids are typically toy- and condom-compatible and won’t stain those bedsheets.


Water-Based: Sliquid H20, Aloecadabra

Silicone: Jo Premium, Pink Silicone

Hybrid: Fuck Water, Sliquid Silk